18 December 2012

The Sandy Hook Tragedy

Every sane American was greatly disturbed by the pathetic waste of human life
at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. What a terrible tragedy to innocent life by
the hands of an obviously troubled young man. Our first response is to weep over
the little children who so viciously faced such a cruel death. What a great loss of
potential life that is forever lost. But there are even deeper issues which shake
the very core of our souls. Here are three questions which demand our response.

1. Is there really a devil? Evil is more than a philosophy or theory. Evil is
personified in the person of the devil. Civilized nations act as though the devil
is just a figment of our imagination but when we are forced to look into the
innocent eyes of a child lying in his own blood; we are faced with the fact there
is a devil. Satan is just as real as God and we are no match for the devil’s cunning
evil devices within our own strength. The only way we can hope to overcome the
force of wickedness we face in this world is through a greater power, the power
of God’s righteousness.

2. The second issue that demands an answer is how could anyone commit such
a dastardly deed? The answer is the depravity of the human nature. We have
deceived ourselves into believing that we are good, and we are part of the time;
but there is a nature within our bosoms which without the grace of God is truly
selfish. People do things to people that animals do not do to animals. Where
does this come from? How can people do such things? The truth is mankind has
a selfish nature which only God can cure.

We tend to evaluate ourselves by comparing ourselves with someone who
shoots six year old school children, but I’ve been shocked to see Christians do
terrible things. I’ve had preachers lie to me, steal from me and try to destroy me.
Religious people can be mean. Where does this come from? It comes from the
human heart. There is a nature in all of us that is deadly unless we are willing
to die to our own selfish desires. Only the grace of Jesus Christ can change our
human nature into a godly nature which can be trusted.

3. The third great issue we are forced to face is how can a good God allow such
terrible things to happen? The truth is if God stopped men from doing evil we
would only be zombies doing what we were programmed to do. The only way for
us to learn to love is to also give us a power where we can learn to hate. We tend
to want a nice little god we can shape into our own likeness and who will serve
us. The truth is we cannot control God. God is the creator; not us. God is not a
puppet-god who only does our bidding. God is the Lord of the universe and will
hold us accountable for our deeds.

In C.S. Lewis’ classic story of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe when the
children are about to be introduced to Aslan the Lion they ask, “Is he a good
lion?” “Oh yes”, they are told. “He is a good lion but he is not a tame lion.” That
is true of the nature of God. God is good, but He is not tame. We cannot control
God. The best thing we can do is surrender our will to His, because He is more
righteous than we are.

What do we learn from the Sandy Hook tragedy? First, there is a real devil of
which we are no match for his destructive devices in our own strength. Secondly,
each of us has a dark side to our human nature. We can be good part of the time,
but not all the time. We need the grace of God to change us. And finally, we
learn that God has entrusted us with the awesome responsibility of managing
our lives. There is really a God and we will all give account to Him someday. We
should live today in view of eternity.

07 November 2012

The Value of Relationships

“Do not forsake your own friend or your father’s friend.” (Proverbs 27:10)

We live in a throw-away society, and that not only is reflected in the size of our garbage can; it is also seen in the way we treat relationships. Divorce is seen as the solution to marital problems, but this is so short-sighted. There are always two sides to marital conflict. I have seen marital problems where one side bore the majority of the blame, but I’ve never seen a marital conflict where one side was totally innocent. It takes two to get married and it takes two to get a divorce.

This ancient proverb gives us a great secret to life: the value of relationships. I have come to believe that anyone who truly loves us is a gift from God, whether this is a father or mother, brother or sister, son or daughter, or a friend. God’s nature is described as “love.” (I John 4:8) There is a natural affection in families but God brings people into our lives who truly love us. Where does that love come from? I believe it is God who gives them love for us and we should treat their love as a gift from God.

Many people are careless with these gifts from God and fail to treat love with respect because they fail to value the people who love them. But love is a gift from God. Why should anyone love us in the first place? We have given them enough reasons to not love us, but they rise above our mistakes and failures to genuinely care about us. We must recognize this for what it truly is; a gift from God.

Treat love with respect. In the selfish world in which we live, true love is becoming a more precious commodity. Do not allow the petty issues of life to destroy a gift from God.

We can easily understand why we should not forsake our friend, but why does the wise man speak about “our father’s friend”? The answer is anyone who genuinely loved your father will also love you. This is the great value of love. It enriches our lives through relationships. Life is so short that we cannot accomplish all our dreams alone, so God gives us people who love us to help fulfill our dreams. We do not have time to build many loving relationships but through the power of love we can be blessed with relationships we did not cultivate. We can be enriched by the loving relationships of previous generations.

What a wise God we serve.
I encourage you to cultivate the relationships of genuine love and do not forsake your father’s friends.

30 October 2012

Despisers of Good

The great problem with sin is what is does to the sinner. The deceiver becomes deceived, and the liar believes his own lies. This is what happened to the devil. He began as an archangel named “Lucifer” or The Morning Star, but he fell from his position to become the devil. He began well but ended badly.

The apostle Paul warns about the subtle nature of sin and gives us three distinct levels of sinning. First, we begin by “practicing” sin. (Romans 1:32) The Bible speaks about “the passing pleasures of sin.” (Hebrews 11:25) There is an enjoyment we derive from doing evil which entices us to sin. Sin begins as fun, but as we continue to practice sin, its true nature is revealed. Sin has a subtle nature of deception. “Sin… deceived me.” (Romans 7:11) What began as fun turns into misery. When sin ceases to be fun, we are faced with a choice; will we continue in our misery or repent of our wrong and change our ways?

There is a wise proverb which says, “Misery loves company,” and that is exactly what many sinners do; they seek out others to help them practice their sin. This is the second stage of practicing sin; they “not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them.” (Romans 1:32) The sinner is seeking approval of what inwardly he knows is wrong. By seeking out others who agree with his sin, he finds a validation that he is right to continue in his sin. By mutual consent, sinners encourage each other in doing wrong.

The third stage of sin shifts from those sinning and from looking for others to help them practice their sin and turns in vengeance against those who refuse to agree with them. They become “despisers of good.” (II Timothy 3:3) At this stage, the sinner is no longer content to practice his sin, and he no longer is satisfied with finding others to help him practice it. No, at this third level, he turns against anyone who disagrees with him and attacks them as though they were the real problem. Those who are practicing good deeds become the target for those practicing evil deeds.

This is the point we have reached as a nation. Righteous people are now being blamed for the problems of our country. To our accusers, we have become the problem. It is because of righteous people that they are not happy in their sinful life styles. They blame us for their guilt. What a terrible deception! The sinner has been caught in his own trap, but he justifies himself and blames others for his misery. “He who justifies the wicked, and he who condemns the just, both of them alike are an abomination to the Lord.” (Proverbs 17:15)

The major problems of our nation are spiritual. May God help America to wake up from the deception of sin and return to righteous life styles. As Christians who believe the Bible is the Word of God and try to govern their lives by it, we must be aware that there will be many today who will accuse us for creating the problems of our nation.

20 October 2012

When God Gives Up

The sinister nature of sin isn’t so much the wrong we have done; no, the great danger is what we’ve become. The apostle Paul warns us of this in Romans 1:18-32. He begins with a warning about the wrath of God. The wrath of God is a forgotten subject for many people. They only think of God’s mercy, love, and grace; but as truly as God is love, God is also holy.

“Therefore God also gave them up.” (Romans 1:24) What does Paul mean “God…gave them up”?

First of all, he does not mean that God quits. God is not a quitter. God never stops loving and caring. His mercies are new every morning. What this statement means is there comes a point where if we insist on resisting God’s ways and doing our own thing that God will allow us to do it. The greatest power God has given us is the power of choice. God permits us to choose even when we are choosing the wrong thing. He warns us of the consequences but permits us to do bad things. Why does God allow this? Because God did not create us as automated machines and He loves us too much to destroy us. The word “temptation” comes from the words “to stretch.” That is what happens each time we are tempted to do wrong. There is a stretching inside us as we struggle with right and wrong. God is pulling us to do right and the devil is pulling us to do wrong. There comes a point where we have to make a decision, and the decision is ours to make. If we choose to do evil God releases us to do the evil we have chosen. Otherwise “the stretch” would destroy us.

I saw this illustrated with a plastic cup. You can begin pulling on both sides of the cup and the cup reaches a point of tension where unless you release one side, the pressure becomes so great that it rips the cup apart leaving it totally useless. This is a picture of what sin does do us. God releases us to keep from destroying us. God believes we will learn from our mistake and return to Him.

But look at what happened when God released these people; they fell into a lower level of degradation, “in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies.” They sank into a deeper level of immorality. The second time God gave them up was “to vile passions” and they sank from immorality to homosexuality. “For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful.” (Romans 1:26-27) The third time God gave them up was, “God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting,” and he gives a long list of those evil things. (Romans 1:28) They have now sunk to the level of a reprobate mind where good things are perceived as being bad and bad things are mistaken for being good.

When God “gives up” or God “gives over” it doesn’t mean that the sinner won. No, the sinner lost and fell into a deeper level of condemnation. We must understand life is a journey. We are going somewhere and our journey will ultimately end in heaven or in hell. We are either becoming more like God or we are becoming more like the devil. God never stops loving us but God’s love cannot redeem those who reject it.

What a rebuke for those who flaunt their sin. The Bible warns us, “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption.” (Galatians 6:7-8)

15 October 2012

The Powerful Word of God

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes.” (Romans 1:16)

“For the word of God is alive and powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword.” (Hebrews 4:12)

I witnessed this powerful truth these past two weeks. My travels first took me to Minsk, Belarus where I taught a convocation of over 1,500 ministers and then traveled to Istanbul, Turkey to teach a small group of 30 pastors and church leaders. Each situation was totally different and yet the Word of God was powerful and life-changing in both countries.

After the break-up of the former Soviet Union, Belarus experienced new religious liberties which helped produce a great revival. Under the old communistic government, the Christians in Belarus paid a tremendous price for their faith. Many pastors spent time in prison for preaching, and Protestant Christians were considered a sect and treated badly.

The meeting I taught was held at Grace Church in Minsk. This great church seats 2,500 people and is the headquarters church for a group of over 500 churches. It is also the host church for a Bible School of hundreds of students. This is part of the fruit of a revival which swept across Belarus after the collapse of communism. I have taught in this church several times before, and each time we have experienced a tremendous moving of the Holy Spirit. It has been wonderful to see the powerful effect of the Word of God upon their lives.

The situation in Turkey, however, is completely different, and yet, the Word of God is just as effective. Christians in Turkey are viewed as infidels because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Because they believe that Jesus is God, they are treated rudely and, at times, harshly. There is no spirit of revival sweeping across Turkey, but I discovered the Word of God was as powerful there as it was in Belarus. It’s my understanding that the average church size in Turkey is only about 40 people. A church of 100 is considered a mega-church. There is a lot of intimidation and pressure upon the Christians in Turkey. They live in a society which believes their religion is false, and they know at almost any time they can be mistreated because of their faith.

As I taught these pastors and church leaders, I was constantly aware of their situation, but I watched with amazement at their response. You could see it in their eyes and upon their countenance that the Word of God was energizing their minds and spirits. The Word of God is alive, and wherever it is proclaimed, it produces life.

What we need today are more people to proclaim the Word of God. There is a famine in the world today for God’s Word. I encourage you to stop talking trivia and start sharing what you have learned about the Word of God. Begin daily devotionals of meditating on the Scriptures and then sharing with a friend what you are learning. Not only will you grow in your faith, but you will discover you are planting the seeds of living truth which will produce spiritual fruit in others.

Jesus said, “The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.” (John 6:63)

24 September 2012

Democratic Duties

I never cease to be amazed at the way some people reason. I just saw a quote by a gentleman asking what verse in the Bible tells him to “vote.” This is similar reasoning to asking what verse in the Bible tells him to “drive a Ford pickup.” The Bible gives us the principles by which we should live as responsible adults not the specifics which would make us automated robots.

Of course the Bible doesn't mention voting; our style of government did not exist until 236 years ago. It was almost 149 years ago that President Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg address resolved that the government of the people, by the people and for the people should not pass from the earth. The democracy of the USA is a new concept in government which was not known in Bible days.

The one main weakness of democracy is the fickleness of people. Our government is no better than the people who make its laws. It is well said that all evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing. If good people, wise people, godly people do not arise and take a stand for righteous living, this nation is doomed. Though there are no specific Bible verses that say you should go to the polls and vote on November 6, 2012, the Bible gives us plenty of verses which say we need to fulfill our obligations to live as good citizens.

“Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities.” (Romans 13:1)

“Render therefore to all their due: taxes to whom taxes are due, customs to whom customs, fear to whom fear, honor to whom honor.” (Romans 13:7)

“Therefore submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake, whether to the king as supreme, or to governors, as to those who are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers and for the praise of those who do good.” (I Peter 2:13-14)

“Honor all people. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the king.” (I Peter 2:17)

“Render therefore to Caesar the things which are Caesars, and to God the things that are Gods.” (Luke 20:25)

Here in the USA, we the people are responsible for our government. We cannot blame anyone else, because we voted or failed to vote for those who represent us. The failure to vote is still a vote. It is a vote which says I have given up my rights to express myself as a responsible adult. I have given up on the idea that I can help make this a better place to live. It is this pessimistic attitude which allows wicked men to practice their sinful lifestyles.

I read a story about some college freshmen attending their first class and the professor wrote on the board, “A-P-A-T-H-Y.” One of the freshmen watched and tried to read what the professor was writing. “A-path, a-pathie,” he said. He turned to his buddy and said, “What does a-path-y mean?” “I don’t know,” his friend replied. “Who cares?” That is exactly what apathy means, “Who cares?” And it is this “who cares?” attitude that is at the heart of what is wrong with this nation. May God give us godly people who love God enough to stand up for righteous living. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing!

14 September 2012

A Lesson from History

The moment we mention history there is a groan from many people who believe there is nothing profitable we can learn from the past, but it is true that history many times repeats itself. Those who fail to read the minutes from the previous meeting are doomed to repeat it. It is the wise man who learns from other people’s mistakes.

Since life is a journey it is obvious that we are going somewhere, and I personally don’t want to end up in the same place I see some other people going. Let’s take a look at one of the greatest of all societies, The Roman Empire. There is no doubt about it, The Roman Empire was one of the greatest of all civilizations and it was constructed two thousand years ago. The coliseums they built, their works of art and their roads still exist to this day. They developed a method for making clay tile which is still being used today. Some of their tile made 2,000 years ago is in good condition. They built an empire which lasted almost 500 years. What went wrong and why did it collapse?

The collapse came from within. The moral standards of the people continued to slide until it was easy for barbarians to attack and destroy them. First, the people became financially in debt. It is estimated that one out of every two people was a slave. It was economic slavery. To get an education meant you had to go in debt, and work as a slave to whomever loaned you the money for the education. Most doctors were slaves. (Does any of this sound familiar?)

Secondly, life no longer was considered sacred. They didn’t practice abortion, they practiced abandonment. When a baby was born they would present him to its father. The father would either say, “Take him to his mother”, or he would say, “Abandon him.” If he said, “Abandon him,” they would take the baby to a garbage heap to die. Of course, there were people who collected these babies left to die and many of them ended up in some type of slavery. (Do you see any similarities?)

Thirdly, homosexuality was rampant. It was practiced everywhere from the Caesar’s to the slaves. To them, homosexuality had become a normal lifestyle. (Does this sound like America?)

As a nation we are following the footsteps of ancient Rome and I predict that though we have been the greatest nation on earth, without a spiritual awakening we will experience the same downfall that the Roman’s experienced.

“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.” (Galatians 6:7) Without a spiritual renewal there is no way we can survive as a nation. We will simply repeat the past examples we chose to ignore.

04 September 2012

Our Christian President

Some of the most disturbing things being said by those who are promoting same-sex marriage are their strong statements about their Christian faith.  Even our president stated that one of the reasons he switched sides on the same-sex marriage issue was because of his “Christian convictions.”

I recently read a quote by a homosexual activist who was accusing Christians of not reading their Bibles.  He said, “Jesus never said anything about gays.”  Is this true that Jesus never said anything about gays?  It is only true in the same sense that Jesus never said anything about a Ford automobile, an iPhone, or a Boeing Jet Dreamliner.  Of course Jesus never used the word “gay;” we never began to hear such terminology until about thirty years ago.

But Jesus did address the subject when He said, “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning made them male and female, and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.’”  (Matthew 19:4-5 emphasis mine)  Jesus referred to the natural laws of creation that started at the “beginning.”  In the beginning, God did not start with same-sex marriage, He began with male and female.  This is a natural creation law.  Jesus said that a man would leave his father and mother to be joined to his wife.  It is clearly a distortion of facts to say that Jesus never addressed the homosexual problem.  The homosexual activist is the one who needs to read his Bible.

To disagree with someone is not the same as hating them.  There is no room in a Christian’s life for hatred of the homosexual, but there is a big difference in acceptance and approval.  Jesus accepts everyone who comes to Him, but that doesn’t mean He approves of their behavior.  Jesus treated all people with respect--even those who were being completely disrespectful toward Him; and we should do nothing less.  According to the Bible, in both the Old and New Testaments, homosexuality is clearly identified as a sin.  But like any other sin, there is forgiveness for those who ask.

We are repeatedly being told by today’s media that we did not choose our gender, and that is true.  Gender is a gift from God.  But gender is not determined by our brain, it is determined by our privates.  It is easy to discover our gender simply by looking at our private parts.  It recently made national news when a couple refused to allow the hospital to call their new baby a boy or a girl.  They simply called the baby an “it” and said they would wait until the child was old enough to decide whether “it” wanted to be a boy or a girl.  This is utter foolishness and confusion.

Because of their opposition to same-sex marriage, Christians are being accused of failing to read their Bibles and a lack of love, but this is twisting the facts and a clear distortion of the only marriage authorized by God.  From the beginning, marriage was one man and one woman, and we cannot be true Christians and at the same time violate clearly stated biblical principles.

25 August 2012

The Birds and the Bees

The biggest issue facing the USA is not the economy; it’s morality.  Good morals are the foundation upon which this country was built.  Many years ago, a statesman visiting from Europe said, “America is great because America is good, when America ceases to be good, it will cease to be great.”  That is a true assessment.

We are continually bombarded by the low morals of the secular media.  Almost anything goes in Hollywood, and they continue to lower their standards and preach their immorality as a normal way of life.  (Does anyone remember when it was wrong to curse publicly?) Their big push at this present time is for same-sex marriage.  From the beginning of time and civilization, marriage has been defined as a man and woman committed together in a covenant of love; but today, we are being told marriage is whatever you want it to be with whomever you want it to be, man with man or woman with woman.  They are attempting to redefine marriage.

Let’s examine the laws of nature.  God is a creator, and He didn’t create the universe randomly, but in strict accordance to certain natural laws.  The book of Romans gives us excellent insight about homosexuality when it says, “their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature.  Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another.”  (Romans 1:26-27, emphasis mine.)

Psychologists say that “opposites attract” when they speak about the law of natural attraction.  This is a problem for those who advocate same-sex marriage.  Even in same-sex relationships one of the partners must play the part of the male and the other the female.  The problem for same-sex relationships is the partners are too much the same.  This is confusion.

Nature gives us another example the same law of opposite attraction.  Every boy and girl who studies the “birds and the bees” can see immediately that God created them “male and female.”  One of the clearest declarations that same-sex relationships are confusion is the problem of unfruitfulness.  God’s creation law said we should be fruitful and multiply, but it is impossible for men with men and women with women to reproduce themselves.  They must resort to other means for reproduction because the laws of nature will not allow them to reproduce.

The birds and the bees clearly teach us that same-sex marriage is wrong and unnatural.

14 August 2012

Welfare and Healthcare (Part two)

In my previous blog, I discussed the loss of our personal freedom by the government’s intrusion into healthcare.  This time, I will talk about the loss of our religious freedom from the mandated healthcare program.

One of our cherished liberties in the US is freedom of worship.  Our founding fathers saw the sad results which came from the state church in Europe and wanted to give us liberty to practice our faith without government interference.  However, the new health-care package includes family planning and abortion as a part of the government program.  The government not only provides the liberties for a woman to obtain an abortion, the healthcare package pays for her abortion if she doesn’t have the necessary resources to pay for it herself.

However, 49% of US citizens pay NO TAXES.  That leaves the other 51% to pay the bill for healthcare which means I am forced to pay the taxes which pays the bill for the abortion of the woman can’t pay on her own.  It doesn’t matter that I believe life is sacred and that it is wrong for her to get an abortion.  This is a loss of my religious freedom.  I’m forced to pay for something which my conscious forbids me to practice.

To make the matter even worse, religious organizations which employ women of childbearing years are forced to provide the medical healthcare for family planning and abortion even though such practices are condemned by their church.  So much has been said in the secular media about separation of church and state, but this is an obvious intrusion into religious life by our government and the media has been strangely silent about it.  It doesn’t matter what your religious conviction may be about abortion or contraceptives, our government is now dictating that employers must provide healthcare coverage according to their standards.  This is clearly a loss of our religious freedom.

When the government dictates in matters of faith, it has taken away my religious freedom in that area.  Therefore, I oppose any healthcare which intrudes into my religious beliefs.

08 August 2012

Welfare and Healthcare Part 1

Our nation has now embarked on a journey into the government mandating healthcare for its citizens.  It has been my observation in traveling the world that governments only do one or two things well.  The government provides a standing army to protect its citizens and provides the framework to provide the infrastructure for interstate communications and travel.  However, when governments enter the business world, I have never seen them succeed as effectively as business men and women working independently (and I could give you many examples of this).

It is a misunderstanding that we have millions of US citizens who do not have healthcare.  I know of multiple examples where those who don’t have the money to pay their medical bills have found many different programs to help them.  The USA has a medical system which is complicated but is the envy of much of the world.  I keep hearing about the excellent healthcare in socialist states like Cuba—have you ever been to Cuba?  I have, and I saw nothing which impressed me that I should move my family to this “island of opportunity.”  Cuba is one of the saddest states I have ever witnessed anywhere in the world.

Another example of national healthcare is our northern neighbor Canada.  It is a highly developed nation, but has had difficulties in trying to provide national healthcare for its citizens.  Several years ago, I was able to witness this first-hand.  My family and I journeyed to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada for a few days of vacation.  We’d just arrived on Saturday evening when Evelyn began experiencing the symptoms of a UTI.  She immediately knew what was wrong, and if she could’ve called her doctor, she would have been prescribed an anti-biotic which would have taken care of the problem.  But the doctor’s office was closed for the weekend, and Evelyn knew she would be in terrible pain if we waited until Monday to get a prescription.  So we decided to go to the emergency room at the local hospital.  I don’t want to be offensive to my Canadian friends, but I’m simply going to share what I saw.  The room was crowded with people and not very clean, but we quickly registered with the desk and found a seat in the dimly-lit room.  Then, we waited for three hours until 9:00pm, when I decided to talk with the people at the desk to ask how much longer they thought this would take.  I was informed that it would be at least one o’clock in the morning before we would be able to see a doctor.

Hearing that, we left the hospital and returned to our hotel room to get some rest.  At 8:00 the next morning, which was Sunday, we found a private medical clinic nearby and within thirty minutes had seen a doctor, paid our bill and purchased the needed medicine from the pharmacy next door.  The clinic was clean and efficient in stark comparison to the emergency room at the hospital.   I’ve seen some beautiful places in Canada, but the emergency room at that hospital was not one of them.

18 July 2012

If your upkeep exceeds your income...

I wish to go on record as saying I admire the charisma of President Barack Obama.  He is obviously an intelligent man who came from humble beginnings and has worked hard for what he believes.  He is a strong leader and has accomplished many of his goals.

That being said, my problem is not his ability to lead; the problem is the direction he is leading us.  He has a different set of values than I share and I disagree strongly with his socialistic ideas.

Let’s examine the area of national debt.  This should be of great concern to all of us.  It has only been a few years ago when, under the leadership of President Bill Clinton, the United States was experiencing a financial surplus for the first time in years.  In a booming economy, our taxes produced millions more than the US budget.  It was an excellent opportunity to reduce our national debt, but instead of reducing our debt, our legislators went on a massive spending spree and spent even more than the surplus.  Both the Democrats and the Republicans were guilty of this spending binge, and instead of lowering our debt, we ended up with an even greater one.

While President Bush was our leader we were provoked into two wars, one in Iraq and the other in Afghanistan.  This not only increased our national debt, but also brought us to the place where The Great Recession began.

After Mr. Obama became our president, the congress refused to reduce the amount of money we were spending on social programs.  These are the same programs they had greatly increased during the time of surplus tax money.  When the economy turned bad, President Obama continually said that there would be no decrease in domestic spending.  In fact, it was increased until in the first three years of Mr. Obama’s presidency, our national debt has tripled.  It is more than a quaint saying: “When your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep will be your downfall.”

Our government cannot continue to spend more and more money without a day of reckoning.  Eventually the interest becomes unbearable, and we will be forced into bankruptcy.

I’m sorry, Mr. President, but you are leading our country the wrong way.  We must stop spending more money than we have or we will destroy our nation.