25 August 2012

The Birds and the Bees

The biggest issue facing the USA is not the economy; it’s morality.  Good morals are the foundation upon which this country was built.  Many years ago, a statesman visiting from Europe said, “America is great because America is good, when America ceases to be good, it will cease to be great.”  That is a true assessment.

We are continually bombarded by the low morals of the secular media.  Almost anything goes in Hollywood, and they continue to lower their standards and preach their immorality as a normal way of life.  (Does anyone remember when it was wrong to curse publicly?) Their big push at this present time is for same-sex marriage.  From the beginning of time and civilization, marriage has been defined as a man and woman committed together in a covenant of love; but today, we are being told marriage is whatever you want it to be with whomever you want it to be, man with man or woman with woman.  They are attempting to redefine marriage.

Let’s examine the laws of nature.  God is a creator, and He didn’t create the universe randomly, but in strict accordance to certain natural laws.  The book of Romans gives us excellent insight about homosexuality when it says, “their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature.  Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another.”  (Romans 1:26-27, emphasis mine.)

Psychologists say that “opposites attract” when they speak about the law of natural attraction.  This is a problem for those who advocate same-sex marriage.  Even in same-sex relationships one of the partners must play the part of the male and the other the female.  The problem for same-sex relationships is the partners are too much the same.  This is confusion.

Nature gives us another example the same law of opposite attraction.  Every boy and girl who studies the “birds and the bees” can see immediately that God created them “male and female.”  One of the clearest declarations that same-sex relationships are confusion is the problem of unfruitfulness.  God’s creation law said we should be fruitful and multiply, but it is impossible for men with men and women with women to reproduce themselves.  They must resort to other means for reproduction because the laws of nature will not allow them to reproduce.

The birds and the bees clearly teach us that same-sex marriage is wrong and unnatural.

14 August 2012

Welfare and Healthcare (Part two)

In my previous blog, I discussed the loss of our personal freedom by the government’s intrusion into healthcare.  This time, I will talk about the loss of our religious freedom from the mandated healthcare program.

One of our cherished liberties in the US is freedom of worship.  Our founding fathers saw the sad results which came from the state church in Europe and wanted to give us liberty to practice our faith without government interference.  However, the new health-care package includes family planning and abortion as a part of the government program.  The government not only provides the liberties for a woman to obtain an abortion, the healthcare package pays for her abortion if she doesn’t have the necessary resources to pay for it herself.

However, 49% of US citizens pay NO TAXES.  That leaves the other 51% to pay the bill for healthcare which means I am forced to pay the taxes which pays the bill for the abortion of the woman can’t pay on her own.  It doesn’t matter that I believe life is sacred and that it is wrong for her to get an abortion.  This is a loss of my religious freedom.  I’m forced to pay for something which my conscious forbids me to practice.

To make the matter even worse, religious organizations which employ women of childbearing years are forced to provide the medical healthcare for family planning and abortion even though such practices are condemned by their church.  So much has been said in the secular media about separation of church and state, but this is an obvious intrusion into religious life by our government and the media has been strangely silent about it.  It doesn’t matter what your religious conviction may be about abortion or contraceptives, our government is now dictating that employers must provide healthcare coverage according to their standards.  This is clearly a loss of our religious freedom.

When the government dictates in matters of faith, it has taken away my religious freedom in that area.  Therefore, I oppose any healthcare which intrudes into my religious beliefs.

08 August 2012

Welfare and Healthcare Part 1

Our nation has now embarked on a journey into the government mandating healthcare for its citizens.  It has been my observation in traveling the world that governments only do one or two things well.  The government provides a standing army to protect its citizens and provides the framework to provide the infrastructure for interstate communications and travel.  However, when governments enter the business world, I have never seen them succeed as effectively as business men and women working independently (and I could give you many examples of this).

It is a misunderstanding that we have millions of US citizens who do not have healthcare.  I know of multiple examples where those who don’t have the money to pay their medical bills have found many different programs to help them.  The USA has a medical system which is complicated but is the envy of much of the world.  I keep hearing about the excellent healthcare in socialist states like Cuba—have you ever been to Cuba?  I have, and I saw nothing which impressed me that I should move my family to this “island of opportunity.”  Cuba is one of the saddest states I have ever witnessed anywhere in the world.

Another example of national healthcare is our northern neighbor Canada.  It is a highly developed nation, but has had difficulties in trying to provide national healthcare for its citizens.  Several years ago, I was able to witness this first-hand.  My family and I journeyed to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada for a few days of vacation.  We’d just arrived on Saturday evening when Evelyn began experiencing the symptoms of a UTI.  She immediately knew what was wrong, and if she could’ve called her doctor, she would have been prescribed an anti-biotic which would have taken care of the problem.  But the doctor’s office was closed for the weekend, and Evelyn knew she would be in terrible pain if we waited until Monday to get a prescription.  So we decided to go to the emergency room at the local hospital.  I don’t want to be offensive to my Canadian friends, but I’m simply going to share what I saw.  The room was crowded with people and not very clean, but we quickly registered with the desk and found a seat in the dimly-lit room.  Then, we waited for three hours until 9:00pm, when I decided to talk with the people at the desk to ask how much longer they thought this would take.  I was informed that it would be at least one o’clock in the morning before we would be able to see a doctor.

Hearing that, we left the hospital and returned to our hotel room to get some rest.  At 8:00 the next morning, which was Sunday, we found a private medical clinic nearby and within thirty minutes had seen a doctor, paid our bill and purchased the needed medicine from the pharmacy next door.  The clinic was clean and efficient in stark comparison to the emergency room at the hospital.   I’ve seen some beautiful places in Canada, but the emergency room at that hospital was not one of them.