30 August 2016

Ask Largely

(Psalm 2:8)  It was the year of 1978, and I was a young evangelist preaching for Rev. L.L. Collins at the Highway of Holiness church in Hamilton, Ohio.  I had just finished preaching and praying with the people when I knelt to pray and was enveloped by a spirit of intercession from the Holy Spirit.  I began weeping and pouring my heart out with tears crying over and over again, “Give me nations for Christ.”  In my natural mind I was thinking, “How in the world could this ever be possible?”  But I knew this was an experience from God.

That was the beginning of a wonderful journey of faith which in 1979 took my family and me to Hamilton as pastors of Hamilton Christian Center.  Because of the missionary program of that great church, we met missionaries from around the world. Hamilton Christian Center literally opened the door for me to travel the world as I have done countless times.  That time in prayer is still very real to me even though it happened thirty-eight years ago.  God birthed in me a holy passion to impact our world for Christ.

Too much of our prayer is spent on trivia.  I understand that God cares about the smallest details of our lives and He delights to give us little special gifts showing how much He cares for us.  Jesus said, “It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”  The problem isn’t that we BEGIN by praying too small; our problem is we FINISH by praying too small.  We should learn to become instruments of righteousness and allow the Holy Spirit to intercede through us for impossible dreams.  We should become a vessel the Holy Spirit can use to fulfill His purposes in the earth.

The reason my thoughts have returned to this moment of prayer is that last month God gave my family and I the opportunity to impact a nation for Christ.  We have begun the translation process of the Foundation Truth book into the three main languages of South Sudan through a partnership with Pastor Don Sims and the City of Hope Church in Manchester, Kentucky and Henry Winn, a church planter in Uganda.  With God’s help we are going to impact the new Christians of that nation by discipling them through these three new translations of Foundation Truth.  Through our church planting partners we are touching a nation for Christ. 

It has taken almost forty years but God has opened a tremendous door of opportunity for us to make a difference in our world.  “Imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.”  (Hebrew 6:12)  Believe God for impossible dreams and if the dream is according to His will and purpose, God will bring it to pass.  There is nothing too hard for God to do!